Create an InDesign Book with Different Chapter Color Schemes

This is a tutorial on how to use an InDesign book to create a catalog, book, or other document where each chapter has its own color scheme. This is a process that was originally developed for catalogs that I create where I work and then I wrote a variation of this for internal process documentation, […]

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MySQL Data Types

Recently I was creating a few database tables and was looking for a quick and easy reference to check what each MySQL data type contained. This handy little table is what what made as a result. String Types CHAR(L) Length: 1 to 255 Characters L: Sets length of string. Can Contain: letters, numbers, and special […]

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WordPress Database Time Test: Arrays vs Booleans

While I was working on my plugin, Alliance Intranet, today I came to the item on my to-do list ‘re-write the settings and module toggle page’. I have been wondering lately if it would be faster to save and read multiple options, such as module toggles (if the module is active or not) as serialized […]

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Hello! I am a Sr. Graphic Designer on an in-house marketing team spread across the US and Canada, graphic design and web development freelancer, and organize a local WordPress meetup group WP518 as well as WordCamp Saratoga.