Books I Read in 2021

Let’s face it, this blog has been pretty much dead for a minute but I have been very busy learning and creating so I have decided to share some of the stuff I find myself doing. Im going to start with the following… In 2021 I set out on a mission to read more books […]

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Allow CORS Requests using an NGINX server in Local

Devon Beck posted this solution in the Local by Flywheel forums. It took me several hours to work through trying to figure out and then I eventually dug this up in the forums, so incase anything happens to the forum post, and because I already have an unmanageable amount of bookmarks, I am going to […]

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Modifying the bbPress Breadcrumb

I am currently working on building the Professional Weaver Society‘s website and I needed to change the breadcrumbs added by bbPress to match the breadcrumbs generated by WooCommerce. The main reason I have for doing this is that WooCommerce does not properly display the page trail when in the forum section of the website. Below […]

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Hello! I am a former Sr. Graphic Designer on an in-house marketing team spread across the US and Canada. I now co-own Comfortcloth Weaving LLC with my lovely wife, with whom I run the Professional Weaver Society, and work part time at a worsted spinning mill. I have a small roster of freelance graphic design, web development, and social media clients. I am always looking for fun projects to work on mostly in the farm, craft, art fields helping small businesses grow and succeed.