Art Education Poster and Postcard

Art Education: Poster and Postcard for Art Education’s Annual Student Show.

Chromatic Luxury Poster and Postcard Chromatic Luxury Show Card Chromatic Luxury A-Frame Sign Chromatic Luxury Wall Vinyl

Chromatic Luxury: Poster, Postcard, Hand Card, A-Frame Sign, and Wall Vinyl created for an exhibition of Tegan Ford’s Weavings.

Common Fibers Poster and Postcard Common Fibers Artist Statement, Hand Card, & Tags

Common Fibers: Poster, Postcard, Hand Card, Artist’s statements, and tags for the artwork. This was a fun project because Each artist had to be distinctly represented, I chose to do this using reversed color.

Graphic Repercussions Poster, Postcard, & Hand Card

Graphic Repercussions: Poster, Postcard, & Hand Card. These were all hand pulled screen prints on the various colors of paper on the bottom of the graphic.