For this project I designed and developed static pages for our e-commerce theme to be created from. First I created some standard content pages. Labeling Software ChemplianceWeb Packaging Documentation

Page Layouts: Here are a few standard page layouts.

From there I moved into Product Categories. The first image shows the top of the Parent Category page, where descriptive information will be placed to explain what is contained in the category. The second and third images show the default product sub-category view, and the row sub-category view respectively. Product Category Parent Product sub-category - Default View Product sub-category - Row View

Product Page Layouts: All of the variations on category layouts.

Last but not least, the single product page layout. Product sub-category - Row View

Single Product Layout: Page containing a single or variable product.

If you would like you can view the style guide and all of the documentation that I produced to go along with it.