If you are like me, you are not a huge fan of the change from Lucida Grande to Helvetica in the new release of OSX 10.10 Yosemite. I certainly don’t have anything against Helvetica however I do not believe it should be used in any capacity as a system font or a default font for any digital system. It was not originally designed for that and the redesigns done of it are not well suited for digital use in this capacity. I think that Erik Spiekermann said it best on his blog: Helvetica Sucks, where he shows the following image of precisely why it sucks so much. Why Helvetica Sucks needless to say I went looking for a fix. I found a couple of other people out there that felt the same way I did, a few of whom had done something about it. Below are a few repos I found on GitHub containing System Font changes. Each of the above repos contains code to change your shiny new system font from the monstrosity of Helvetica to a font more becoming of the OS X system. I’v provided 3 options, you can go classic and switch back to Lucida Grande or you can get tall and skinny and use Fira Sans, or you can go for a wider more open character with Avenir Next. Its up to you!
What font do you prefer to use as your system font and why?

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