About Me

Hello, I am Eric Frisino. I am a print and digital media designer, screen printer, and general maker. I am currently working on an in-house design team where I am creating products, catalogs, manuals & books, ads, sales tools, training aids, websites, and whatever else is asked of me. In my free time my favorite thing to do is to be paddling on the water and I am currently working on renovating my home. Before my current job I spent time learning the business of screen printing & sign production and earning my BFA in Graphic Design. Within design my true passion lies in creating work makes people’s lives better in some way.

What People are Saying

Jennifer Fiorello, ICC Compliance Center

Eric Frisino worked for me for approximately 3 years at ICC Compliance Center as both a graphic designer and the senior graphic designer. In my search to fill a vacancy, I was looking for a candidate that had both graphic design and website design experience, and after meeting Eric, I almost instantly knew he was what my department needed.

After bringing him on board, I was instantly impressed not only with his skills, but his high level of integrity and strong work ethic. Eric was my go-to person and essentially became my right hand. He was always reliable and went above and beyond to get any given task at hand done and on time and beyond expectation. He is very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and demonstrates genuine accountability.

To anyone that would consider hiring Eric in the future, you are sure to not be disappointed.

Stan Friesen, Buffalo State College

It is my pleasure to write a recommendation for Mr. Frisino. He is one of the reasons the Communication Design program at Buffalo State is respected. He was able to bring together his artistic talent, graphic sensibilities, technical prowess and interest in technology together in many of the projects while he was a student here. Eric was not satisfied with something just looking like it worked, he wanted to make it function – i.e. his web projects. He has an agile mind and is always looking ahead. You would be well advised to add Mr. Frisino to your graphics, print, advertising, web or other department!

Gerald Mead, Buffalo State College

Eric was my student in Design Senior Seminar (Fall 2010) and I was thoroughly impressed by his dedication and passion for his field as well as his skill and ability which spanned design and fine arts. He had an eagle’s eye for attention to detail, was very task oriented and distinguished himself by his ability to scout for solutions that were outside of the expected. For example, for the solo exhibition of his work that he organized for my course, he hand printed (silkscreened) each of his invitations and posters on multiple paper stocks. He is hard working and talented and I am pleased to recommend him to future employers.

Jon Kemp, Sullivan County Victim Services

It gives me pleasure to be writing a letter of recommendation for Eric Frisino. Our agency was conducting a Victorian Tea, an annual fundraising event, when we were faced with a problem. Each year we produce a program for our Victorian Tea to identify our event sponsors. This year the person who had completed the program each year was not available. I then met Eric and he very enthusiastically volunteered to design our program. What a wonderful program he produced. I can truly say it has been our best program ever. The staff and our board of directors were just as thrilled as I was with such a fine program.

Eric, was committed to helping our agency and serving the community, he did so with such a professional manner. Our agency is a local non-profit agency serving victims of sexual assault, domestic violence and victims of all crimes. We do not find many volunteers at all anymore, making it even more difficult to serve our victims. That’s why it is so amazing to find a young man who will offer to help and commit to the level in which Eric did. To see his work which is so inviting, and deal with delicate time lines and commit all his resources to this event was just amazing. Eric is someone we are very thankful for and proud of.