WordPress Database Time Test: Arrays vs Booleans

I have been wondering lately if it would beĀ faster to save and read multiple options, such as module toggles (if the module is active or not) as serialized data in the database, or if I should spit each module toggle out into its own option entry in the database. In order to figure this out were going to do some time tests.

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MySQL Data Types

Recently I was creating a few database tables and was looking for a quick and easy reference to check what each MySQL data type contained. This handy little table is what what grew out of that need.

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Create an InDesign Book with Chapter Color Schemes

This is a tutorial on how to use an InDesign book to create a catalog, book, or other document where each chapter has its own color scheme. This is a process that was originally developed for catalogs that I create…

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Hello! I am a Sr. Graphic Designer on an in-house marketing team spread across the US and Canada, graphic design and web development freelancer, and organize a local WordPress meetup group WP518 as well as WordCamp Saratoga.